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Dec 29, 2004; a post on; revisiting the tsunami of Dec 2004

Dec 29, 2004

Dear Vidya,
This is the kind of mail we needed. I am from Madras and have been  active with many groups and people on coastal related issues. I am  presently in Seoul working for an UNESCO organization and have been  tormented that I am not in Madras now. I know very well the TNSF people  and the quality of the human beings and their dedication to the grass  roots and ordinary people. I know and am aware of AID and its work,  all the same I want to place my appreciation at the professional way in  which you have organized yourself and which is evident from the  information provided on your website. Other than the National  Federation of Fishworkers which any way is more useful on the mainland,  and aid organizations like Action Aid, AID can play a very important  role in the immediate relief that is required and which is the most  important and urgent concern. But beyond relief we have to see how to  convert this terrible disaster and tragedy on our coasts and on the A@N  islands to see that our coastal people are provided homes and housing  befitting human beings. This is a tragedy beyond words beyond all our  known frameworks of concern, compassion and activism. I wish each and  everyone of you involved so deeply and concerned with the situation in  A@N islands success in you work of assisting people on the islands and  others like Vidya who through their work with organizations like AID  are reaching to those who need help by mobilizing money and support. I  will do whatever I can to help even if temporarily displaced from India  for a month or two, my thoughts and all my good wishes are with each  and everyone of you concerned and compassionate human beings,  especially Pankaj who brought this community together,

yours sincerely,
Lawrence Surendra

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