Monday, March 9, 2009

March 2009
himal Vol 22 No 3
Adam J West
Table of Contents

Accountability in a time of excess
By: Sukumar Muralidharan

If any lesson is to come out of the current financial crisis, it is that the pipedream of corporate social responsibility needs to be shelved.

No satyam
By: Sujeev Shakya & Puja Tandon

With the largest corporate fraud in its history, India has finally entered onto the global financial stage?

When corporations answer nature's call
By: Nityanand Jayaraman

With companies hardwired to make money, the impetus behind CSR can only function as advertisement – largely empty and potentially misleading.

Knitting Indian SOX
By: Uday Murthy

A few lessons are available from a country that has been reeling from its own corporate scandals - the United States.

Hack business
By: Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

The Satyam scandal provides an opportunity to sit back and take a hard look at business journalism in India.


Rule of all
By: Rohini Hensman

A mass campaign is needed to convince the Sinhalese majority that devolution and democratisation are in its interest and in the interest of Sri Lanka's minorities.


Lingerie and liberation (Region)

Mailing pink chaddis, setting brasseries afire and more, all for the sake of of women's rights.


Train-station underbelly
By: Boria Majumdar

Tejpal's contemporary India masquerading as fiction.

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