Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ravi Sankaran - some pics from the Andamans

The time I spent with Ravi in the islands was the pre-digital era. Ravi was not too happy with his pictures being taken, but I did manage to take a few - mainly transparencies. I spent the last couple of weeks rummaging through my slide collection and discovered those pictures of Ravi, taken mainly on two trips between 2001 and 2003.
The first set of pics are when he took me along to Challis Ek, the network of edible nest swiftlet caves where he was working while the second one is from a trip we made in 2002 to Chipo, to the northern tip of North Andaman Island

Working on an alarm contraption to be used to protect the nests from thieves

Ravi and Alex (left) working on the contraption. Alex was Ravi's boatman and colleague in his work on swiftlets in Middle and North Andaman

At the campsite at Challis Ek with his field staff and wife Deepa

Entering a swiftlet cave at Challis Ek

The following pictures were taken on a trip that we made together to Chipo

Ravi (in the foreground) on the way back from Chipo to Mayabundar

Ravi and Alex

Ravi and Alex


amlansworld said...

Great to see this pictures,, Pankaj, Ravi was always an inspiration

Unknown said...

Dear Pankaj
Thanks for that photos