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18 Collectors/ Dist. officers on challenges in their districts

Views of 18 collectors / dist officers on the Social and Developmental Challenges of their districts
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Views of District Collectors / Authorities

Sri Dinakar Babu - Addl Collector
Forest land enchroachment by locals; Forest land selling for commercial purpose; Water scarcity; Female illiteracy; Earlier, health was a major issue, but slowly the tribal population has realised the benefits of new therapies
Mr Shailendra - Addl Collector
Youth Development; Standard of living; High suicide rate; Bad transportation; Lack of electricity
V N Vishnu - Collector
Unemployment; Education; Health; Communication and transportation; Lack of utilisation of natural resources to the optimum level ( rainwater in rivers )
Talem Tapok - Deputy Commissioner
Economic backwardness - no major income generation opportunities; Hilly area - Land not proper for cultivation; Naga insurgency; Twin born children are killed; Social taboo for girl child
R K Balthakur
Flood prone area
Radhe Hinda - DIO
Militancy - extortion of money; Lack of communication and transportation facilities; Illiteracy; Economic backwardness; Being backward, no exposure to modern amenities of development
East Siang
Y Tayeng - Extra Asst Commissioner
Communication; Being a remote area, educational facilities like teaching staff is not available as per the requirement; Lack of health infrastructure in rural areas; Lack of electricity; No proper supply of water
Usha Rani - Collector
Poor quality of education; Health services; Water scarcity; Corruption; Social evils like child marriage, apathy for girl child
M Purushottam Reddy - Collector
Fluoride content is more in ground water; Apathy towards girl child in remote areas; Child Labour; Rural to urban migration during non agricultural season; Unemployment of youth
West Kameng
Smt Padma Jaiswal - Deputy Commissioner
Lack of presence of NGOs; Lack of communication and trust among people; Heavy rainfall and landsliding; Transportation; No exposure to the other part of the country; Students unions are politically affected; Youth unemployment
M Ravichandra
Cyclone prone area; Ground water is turning saline in coastal areas; Tribals are less educated; Poor state of health; Difficulties faced in maintaining irrigation structure
M Danakishore - Collector
Child Labour; High illiteracy rate; Health of children and women; Under development of minorities; Non productive agriculture by small marginal farmers; Difficult agricultural conditions
Uttalananda Sharma - Dy Commissioner
Communication and connectivity; Flood prone area; People's participation is less; Enchroachment of forest land; Superstition amongst tribal people; Witch hunting
R V Chandravadan - Collector
Urbanisation; Growing slum population; Migration; Child Labour; Domestic violence against women; Unemployment; Trafficking of women; People living with HIV/AIDS; Housing for poor
Divakar Nats Mishra - Dy Commissioner
Floods; Poor infrastructure - Education, Rail....Absence of industrialisation; Poor per capita income; Low cropping intensity;
Mohammad Ali Rapat - Collector
High illiteracy rate; Floods; Health - HIV / AIDS; Naxalism; Trafficking of women
B Venkatesham - Collector
High illiteracy rate; Unemployment; Poor irrigation potential; Lack of awareness among people about growth in nearby areas; Health
East Kameng
K Panginj - Dy Commissioner
Communication; Lack of power supply; High illiteracy rate; Road connectivity

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