Friday, May 1, 2015

The Last Wave - One year old now!

'The Last Wave' is one year old now.

It was exactly a year ago, in the first week of May 2014, that 'The Last Wave' was released after a long long wait for me. Its been an exciting and insightful one year - releasing the book in different places, reading from it, being in conversation about it, answering questions in person and on-line and getting responses and reactions from readers around the world. Very fortunately, the interest in the book continues and I am hoping it sustains.
There are many people to thank for being part of this journey - my publisher Karthika, editors, Ajitha & Rajni, the entire sales and marketing team in Harper Collins, family and friends who've worked with me to reach the book far and wide and perhaps most importantly, the hundreds and hundreds of readers who've read the book in different ways bringing in new interpretations and meanings. These have been hugely insightful and clearly, without the reader there is no book!
So thanks again everyone for everything.

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