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Dec 28, 2004; a post on; revisiting the tsunami of Dec 2004

Dec 28, 2004

Dear Friends,
A very interesting and relevant mail.

From: Arunachalam Kumar
Subject: Whale suicides & earthquakes To: nathistory-india@Princeton.EDU

It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world, are in someway related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field coordinates and possible re-alignments of geotectonic plates thereof. Tracking the dates and plotting the locales of tremors and earthquakes, I am resonably certain, that major earthquakes usually follow within a week or two of mass breaching of cetacians. I have noted with alarm, the last week report of such mass deaths of marine mammals in an Australian beachside. I will not be surprised if withinn a few days a massive hits hits some part of the globe. The inter-relationship between the unusual 'death-wish' of pods of whales and its inevitable aftermath,the earthquake, may need a further impassioned and unbiased looking into.

Dr Arunachalam Kumar

In the light of recent events, perhaps geologists and biologists on this list could comment, on the possibility of the connection proposed in the email above? Also, Dr. Kumar could point us to previous instances of whale beaching and earthquakes.

Yogesh Wadadekar

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