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2008 hrs. Dec. 26, 2004: a post on

Dec 26, 2004
2008 hrs

Hello everyone!
Another update. At the first place, thanks to RajSekhar and Mano Gupta 
for being kind enough to call me up to pass on latest informations.
Just spoke to a friend in Androth Island, Lakshadweep. At 11.30 am tides 
were 3.10 metres high (measured by Harbour department). When I called he 
was standing right at the sea beach near their power station. The 
population: 11,000 with most coconut cultivators. The coconuts were left 
on the beach for drying. Guess what? Obviously, all swept away or 
destroyed. They might have to face hard times now. But, casualties - 
none (not offcial). Minicoy - not badly hit, but affected.

Andaman: Port Blair --- Two places majorly hit (as of inputs trickling 
in from friends) - the coastal front facing Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkiya 
MahaVidyalaya which is a popular tourist spot as well favourite spot for 
locals to relax - smashed off ! Completely.

Junglighat in Port Blair is another coastal area and since I personally 
have lived there for years together, do know that its a low-level area 
and inputs indicate major damages. The worst part is my mother lives 
right beside the Junglighat coast (one house behind immediate sea) and 
no information still. All communication lines down.

Nicobar District: Car Nicobar - no news, no information - absolutely 
nothing. Being strategically closer to the Sumatran islands and a 
completely flat island, we just might need to cross our fingers and wait 
for news. Unfortunately again, my father is based in Car Nicobar.

Hope all gets well.
Sharbendu De

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