Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Islands in flux: 2004-2009

Dear Friends
Many of you will recollect, and also perhaps have read 'Troubled Islands', which was a compilation of my journalistic writings on the A&N from the period 1998 to 2003. (see the side bar for details of Troubled Islands)

I have in the subsequent years, continued to write on the various issues of the islands including those related to the indigenous communities and the impacts of the earthquake and tsunami of December 2004.

Over time there have been many requests from members on the group and otherwise for copies of these and older articles. Prompted by the requests and the interest I have just put together a set of another 14 articles in a basic photocopied compilation of 50 pages.

The issues covered include the earthquake and tsunami of 2004, the situation of the indigenous communities of the islands and some matters related to tourism.

The compilation is available for Rs. 70 (for photocopy, handling and postage). If any of you would like a copy of this compilation do please write to me. In case you are also interested in a copy of the older 'Troubled Islands' (Rs. 120) we will be able to optimise postage and other costs and send you the two together for Rs. 150.

best wishes

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pankaj,
just saw one of your pictures in the AID india's makaan calendar.
the picure is of jodhpur houses and the caption mentions that they were originally painted blue to keep them cool.
but I have read that they were painted so to let people know if the occupants were brahmins.
your take??
romila :-)