Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Green Vein for Pune

Dear Friends

The citizen's guide - The Green Vein- for the city of Pune is finally ready would like to thank Roda Mehta, Satish Magar, Vikram Bhosale and Mr Tulsani for their donations in making this happen. Not to forget the host of people (all credited in the guide) who helped immensely in putting this together and getting the information and text in order and sharpness. A special thanks to Ashish Mehta for the introductory note (see below).

We are requesting a donation amount of Rs 100/- for each copy if you pick it up from us or an amount of Rs 150/- if you would prefer that we send it to you (the amount is to cover packaging and posting costs). For more information please do contact kvbooks@gmail.com or call Sharvari at 09422057737.

We would also love a feedback on the guide when you have read it...

THE GREEN VEIN - An Introduction

Citizen's Guide for Pune City

Citizens can do a lot to protect their immediate environment. Rampant tree felling in cities has seen many citizen groups like Trees of Delhi, Pune Tree Watch, Hasiru Usiru in Bangalore, Nizhal in Chennai and Save Rani Baug in Mumbai up in arms to protect what rightly belongs to the citizens – the ecological security of the city. Besides these there are many efforts across Indian cities where efforts are being made by the citizens to protect their environment in different ways. An environmentally conscious citizen may wish to participate as well.

In this case then there are a few questions that must be asked: How well do you know your environment? Do you care about your environment? Are you pessimistic about the future of this environment, or do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? Are you aware of the measures that are being taken to protect your environment? Do you perceive yourself to be a citizen, a consumer, a bystander, or a member of an urban environment? Would you save a tree from being felled? Could you name an environmental legislation?

This booklet takes up the issue of greens in a city. It has a simple purpose: it exhibits how you can contribute to your environment by simply knowing more about it or saving a tree from being felled, if you are living in Pune. Indeed, it does not wish to make an environmentalist out of you; it does, however, hope to take a few minutes of your time, to be able to inform you about a few things you must know – for example, how a simple phone call could save the life of a tree.

Tasneem Balasinorwala
Email: just.tasneem@gmail.com

Pune Tree Watch
Pune Tree Authority member
Pune, India

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